About the Prints

A picture on your computer screen can look great but color will vary from monitor to monitor based on calibration and color range of the screen.  A picture displayed on the web is usually a low-resolution file, so it will load faster, but the resolution will effect what is seen on the computer screen.  For me, a picture is not a photograph until it has been printed, matted, framed and displayed for others to view.  There are a lot of great photographers out there, especially in the Pacific NW, and I greatly appreciate you considering my photographs as an option for your home or office.  

A lot of planning goes into every photography trip, the process of choosing a location to shoot starts six to nine months in advance.  Several locations I shoot have a small window of opportunity when the wildflowers are at full bloom, the tide and direction of the sun come together or the wheat fields' peak in golden brown or green.  After the shutter is released and the picture is captured each one is analyzed to confirm that the Eagle's eyes are sharp and the wildflowers are crisp. Each photograph is custom sized, sharpened and printed at the time of your order and I personally make sure every print is perfect.  I use some of the highest quality, heavy weight archival papers available and match them up with the manufactures printer & ink.  There are a total of eleven inks available that provide the best tonal blending, they are guaranteed for longevity and rated for over a 100 years from fading.  The printing paper is lightly textured with a light gloss and provides a deep rich color, while providing a full color spectrum from true whites to dramatic grays and blacks.  Prints 24" x 34" are on a similar paper with a luster finish.  Gift cards are printed on an archival, scored mat paper that also provides a great color spectrum.  The gift cards are blank inside and designed with the intention of adding a mat and frame.

After the photograph is printed, I move the whole process forward with mounting and matting the print.  I have taken classes specifically on mounting and mat cutting for this final process of turning a print into a Fine Art Photograph.  Each print is mounted on archival foam core that is acid free to maintain print longevity and to provide a perfect foundation to build upon.  I custom cut each mat with museum quality 100% cotton rag mat border that has a solid color throughout the mat, unlike a standard "PH" treated mat that has the color layered with a white center core.  All mats are pearl/eggshell white and cut as double mats to provide additional depth to the print with a 1/4" center border.  If you prefer a different mat color I can provide several other options for the same price, just contact me by e-mail to discuss.  Smaller prints have a 2" border and larger prints have a 3" border.  I have chosen the final mat board size based on common frames available from your local frame shop, mats 26" x 36" or larger may require a custom frame order from an online retailer or frame shop.  

Each Fine Art Photograph is packaged in a clear, sealed envelope to protect from dust.  From here they are boxed and shipped by a local shipping store to assure no damage in transit.

All purchases are guaranteed to your satisfaction and your purchase will be replaced or refunded if not acceptable once received and inspected.

Purchasing Prints:
Ordering prints is simple, safe and secure through PayPal and an account is not required. To order your Fine Art Prints, proceed to galleries, pick your print, then at the bottom left chose "Purchase Print," select the size and add to cart.