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Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach, Ruby Rocks, vibrant sunset, photo workshop, photo workshop olympic national park, NW  photo
Shi Shi Beach, Point of Arches, Olympic National Park, Sunrise, Exposed Rock photo
Tatoosh Mountain Range, Sunset, Lenticular clouds, funnel cloud, snowshoeing, Mount Rainier, Snowshoeing Mount Rainier,  photo
Palouse Hills, Steptoe Butte, Washington photo
Palouse, Steptoe Butte, Washington photo
Palouse Harvest, Steptoe Butte, Washington photo
Pa;ose Harvest, Wheat Fields, Palouse State Park, WA. photo
Palouse Falls, Palouse Falls State Park, Palouse River photo
Olympic National Park, WA., Olympic Gold, brilliant skies, tide photo
Ruby Beach, Storm, Ocean, Fluid Flow, Rocks, Storm photo
Shi Shi Beach, Storm, Olympic National Park, Rock, lines, low tide, Point of Arches photo
Rialto Beach, Sunset, Olympic National Park photo
Mt Rainier, Paradise, wildflowers, Mount Rainier National Park photo
Alpenglow, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington photo
Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier National Park, Wildflowers photo
Wildflowers, Mount Rainier, Washington, Sunset photo
Mount Shuksan, North Cascades, Washington, Reflection Lake, Fall Colors photo
Shi Shi Beach, Sunrise, Washington, Olympic National Park, Point of Arches photo
Cherry Blossoms, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington photo
Palouse, Washington, Spring Wheat, Rolling Hills, Peaceful photo
Mount Rainier, Washigton, Cascades, Sunset, Illuminate, Smoke, Fire photo
Lone Tree, Palouse, Washington, spring filelds photo
Palouse, Washington, Wheat fields, illuminate, sunset photo
Ruby Beach, Washington, Sunset, Snow storm photo
Ruby Beach, Washington, Sunset, Snow storm photo
Rialto Beach, Washington, Long Exposure photo
Mount Rainier, Washington, Wildflowers, National Park, Mazama Ridge photo
Palouse, Washington, Wheat Fields, Rolling hills photo

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